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Sunday, 17 May 2015


Old door - New look

Welcome to another Weekend Work Up - actually this project was completed over a few weekends - in between life, work, family... you know how that works!
When we bought our rather very neglected house there was an amazing front door - or rather it had once been an amazing front door!

The stained glass panel was cracked and a lot of the lead work had been "fixed" with what looked like a mortar type grout thingy! The lower half of the door had lovely panels that were unfortunately splitting - this was one neglected, sad and very draughty front door! The glass panels on the top and sides rattled every time you touched the door and the whole thing moved when opening or shutting the door! It had to be replaced!

We had a new unit made that is pretty close to the original. Those side panels are called "Tulip" glass and that is still available and that for us is fairly meaningful as we spent a good few years living and working in The Hague - our two youngest were practically brought up there and definitely consider themselves Dutch. The design in the main glass panel in the door was reproduced in an etched version - love it! Also, the gas bill was reduced significantly!

But, we did not toss that old door out! We sawed her in half! The glass panel will someday be repaired and hung somewhere and the lower half was taken apart so that I could play with the panels. They were in a sorry state! 

As the old finish was flaking away I gave them all a good sanding and clean. Looking better already! Some filling had to be done as well - I used a ready made brown wood filler. Sanded again - 

One weekend gone! At this point I am lacking photos - but this time it isn't all my fault! My camera "overwrote" some of the photos as it was getting full - I think that is what all the techie stuff meant anyway! Using Craig & Rose "Grate Black" precious metals paint I applied a couple of coats to the front and back of all the boards. Another weekend went by...

I really love how this paint highlights the grain and feel of the wood - it really brings out the beauty of the panels. Now, I am out of original photos sooo...

I dry brushed some Craig & Rose "Red Barn" chalky emulsion onto the front of all my panels. Here is what C & R say about this colour - "Shaker The rich earthy red colour traditionally used by the Shakers to paint their barns and grain stores" I love this little bit of information you get with these paints!

These photos show the dry brushed Red Barn and a couple of coats of Natural beeswax.

Loving this colour!! I added an old 1927 iron nail to one, a vintage bulldog clip to another and a sweet slate heart and old hook backing plate to the last one!

I love these dated nails! I had to order them from the USA - so I ordered a few!! They will be popping up again soon.

I screwed this old bulldog clip to this one. Some of you may recognise the photo from here.

And finally a slate heart was screwed on, I made a braid using jute twine for the chalk and one of my old backing plates from some vintage hooks. 

So, that is the three small panels done - now for the two large panels!! Again, these photos show the finished article! Red Barn was dry brushed over the Grate Black and a couple of coats of Natural beeswax applied.

For this one I used 4.5" wooden letters, first painted in the Grate Black and then I dry brushed Chalk White over the top. I applied a couple of coats of Natural beeswax and then stuck them to my board using wood glue. In love with this one! 

And finally....

It is so difficult to take photos of mirrors! If anyone has any advise I would love (really need) some! The large wooden heart was done the same way as these ones here. The mirror heart was given a coat of Grate Black followed by Chalk White and then wet distressed. The two hooks are old hooks with the most beautiful back plates! 

Thank you for reading. I would love to hear your comments.

I loved making these and if you have been inspired to make similar please do show and tell! I have NOT been sponsored/compensated from anyone for this post - this is my time and money so please if you use any of my images have the good manners to link back to this post - thank you. Courtesy will reward you multiple times, cheating will cost you many more! 

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