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Sunday, 10 May 2015


Hearts & Babies

Old Christening gown, copper, vintage child's hanger and several "rescued" old hooks! Oh, and a friend with a brand new baby... What could I do but play?

Somewhere, some time I had bought a few of these heart shaped bamboo cutting boards - I am guessing they must have been on "sale"!! Also I had a new (for me)  Craig & Rose paint to try - this one is Grate Black and is part of their "Precious Metals" range. Here is what they say - "Hard-wearing metallic paints, perfect for all decorative plaster, wood and metalwork. Suitable for both inside and outside."

I decided that as the clean up is warm soapy water and not white spirit these hearts would be the perfect place to try it out. Most of the wood stains I use tend to be white spirit clean up and I really prefer water-based any day.

Sorry, I forgot to take any before pictures of the boards. I love this paint! I was able to move it around the board really well, two coats were all I needed. The recommended drying time is a couple of hours between coats - as I spread it so thinly I was able to re-coat in under 10 minutes! I am thinking that maybe I am not using it quite the way that C & R intended!

With this paint I kept my brush strokes going vertically on the boards. I then used the Craig & Rose "Chalk White" chalky emulsion to dry brush across the boards followed by a couple of coats of natural beeswax (hey, this is also water washable!)

I had these heart shaped photo frames sitting here waiting to be used - some chalk white paint, light wet distressing on the edges and a couple of coats of beeswax to seal the finish.

I drilled a coupe of holes in the boards and using these lovely old hooks that we found in the old shed and wood screws I attached the small hearts to the boards.

I attached a hanging hook to the back, stood back prepared to admire my work... no, it was missing something! Aah, lightbulb moment - I had a new gilding wax from Creative Expressions that I wanted to use so... out with the metal stamps, some copper and label holders.

This was not quite my first time with this gilding wax - I don't think you really need to see the practice runs! I used my finger to dab on, leave for 10 minutes then very lightly buff, leave for a few hours then buff again! This one is called Patina - it is perfect to use with the copper and has a beautiful iridescence to it.

I had this beautiful lawn cotton handmade Christening gown - 1950's I think - the seam finishes are so beautiful - no zig-zag stitches then! Even the small tear on the front has been so wonderfully mended by hand! She was the perfect accompaniment to this heart and one day soon little Emily Jane will have her own gown hanging from here!

I loved making this and if you have been inspired to make similar please do show and tell! I have NOT been sponsored/compensated from anyone for this post - this is my time and money so please if you use any of my images have the good manners to link back to this post - thank you. Courtesy will reward you multiple times, cheating will cost you many more! 

I have another three of these ready to be personalised in my Etsy store at 

Thank you so much for reading. I would love to hear your feedback. Lor.xx


  1. This is just so sweet with such lovely details!
    Thanks for sharing at Something to Talk About!

    1. Thank you again Karen! I appreciate it very much. Lor.xx