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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

To Banana Or Not...

Quite a while ago, on one of my "go to" blogs, I came across this amazing banana holder up grade - Re-purposed banana-stand and knew I had to have one!

Many months later... I came across one in a local charity shop and a few days later came across another one  - a feast or a famine it seems!!

This one had a red upright, I had started painting it black before I remembered to take a photo - too enthusiastic! I used black acrylic paint for this step.

Two coats later, I was so tempted to leave her like this.

Once this was fully dried I applied two light coats of Craig & Rose "Dutch White" chalk paint. Thankfully, this paint dries quickly and I was able to "wet distress" (slightly damp old towel and rub the places where you want wear) then I used a fine wire wool in the parts where I wanted the red to show through!

Happy with the "distressing" I used a soft cloth (old t-shirt) to apply some wax. I use beeswax - personal preference - it's a bit more work but the quality of the sheen and finish is worth it. First up a layer of natural wax and lightly buffed, then a very light layer of the dark - Jacobean Dark Oak applied, brushed in and buffed. Then, finally another layer of the natural wax and buffed and buffed and then buffed again!!

Now the only question is What to hang? Hearts...?

Candle jar...?

One of my pricklies...?

Or even bananas...?

I had to take this photo a day later than the others as when I went to my banana "tree" it had been stripped!! Children!

Some more photos just because...

Love my pricklies - particularly when the care instructions say to let them completely dry out before watering - now that I can do!

If you got this far, thank you! I would love to read your comments and views on this makeover. 
This particular banana stand is now available on Etsy here.

Right, I am off to work out how linkys work!! 
Have a wonderful day. 



  1. Your "banana" hangers turned out great-great job!

    1. Thank you so much. Loving your blog! Good luck with the sale. Lor.xx

  2. Now I need one of those! Love the makeover you did to yours!


    1. Thank you Trisha. Been on the look out for another one - I'll find a crock of gold first I think! Have a wonderful day. Lor.xx

  3. Awesome transformation! I love the distressed look! I didn't realize a banana stand could be so versatile!! I love the idea of hanging a plant or herb!!!

    1. Thank you!! I love the idea of a whole row of them on the kitchen window sill with herbs! Lor.xx