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Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Bobcats Rule!

Welcome to the first "Any Other Business" - where I share some of the casual chaos that exists in my home!!

We have been saving the pennies for a couple of years so that we could blitz the garden - well put in some more hard structure. We needed a shed taking out, and a brick one building (I only wanted a mitre saw!), a very large and awkward brick raised bed taking out and new ones built (maybe sleepers?) and a moss bed replaced with a patio/seating and dining area. Though none of this is set in stone!!

Lots of photos....

This large bed made this area of the garden practically un-usable - it had to go! But first we rescued some hollies, hazels, hostas and hydrangeas - anyone else notice a pattern? Oh and lots of hyacinths and bluebells!! Sleeper beds to go in here, but first - someone left the hose on....

This area was so incredibly overgrown when we moved in we didn't even know it was a brick wall and that there was a back gate! I shall try and find some of the before "Before" photos. The soil here is heavy clay so all that would grow here was moss! Bobcat on the job... area cleared and basic shape for new dining area. This area gets sun all afternoon and into the evening - perfect for enjoying the last of the sun during the summer!

The biggest job... The garden is over a foot higher than the drive so this area had to be all dug out to bring us level with the drive as we are taking a few feet off the drive. It is a big drive - you could park four 4x4s on it! We don't need that much space - now we can still easily park four normal sized cars!

I cheered when this shed went down. I had a very bad experience with it last summer - still makes me shake thinking about it. The Other told me I leapt so high he thought I was going to hurdle the fence!!

Bobcat again.. And then it rained and rained and rained..

Somewhere under all that water are the footings to my shed! Think MPs expenses, duck houses and moats - well what else could I do? A conversation with my #2 went along the lines "Tesco, your ducks don't float in my moat!"

A couple of hours in wellies with a pump we got it emptied - happy to report all ducks were rescued and are thriving! At last blocks and bricks going up. Hopefully by next Thursday there will actually be a shed of sorts here (fingers crossed).

On a much brighter note, if the weather allows, I am hoping to get these planted up!
The jugs and colanders have been simply spray painted. 

I found a few of the original photos... the house had been empty for over a year and the old lady that had lived there was unable to do anything in the garden..

Thank you for reading this far. I would love to hear your feedback. Have a wonderful day. See you soon. Loves & Hugs. Lor.xx

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